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Canon Oce Arizona 480 GT - UV Print

It is a flat plotter that prints in a UV technology and which is the most up to date UV device in the world – currently branded with Canon. Thanks to that we are able to produce highly complicated and custom made orders that satisfy our demanding Customer.We print on all rigid surfaces, such as: glass, splashback, glass panel, glass tiles, acrylic, aluminium,  tinware, wood, plywood and many more similar flat superficies. Plotter has also function print with role and print in white color.The maximum of printable ridged surfaces as one piece is: 2400x1250mm

The maximum roller width: 2400mm

druk fototapet, fototapety lateksowe, latex, hp

HP Latex 260 - Latex Printing

Our next printing machine that we own is a machine that does high quality latex printing. We use this device to print murals, self-adhesive murals, canvas paintings, OWV foil, backlit foil, fabric printings, banners. Latex printing method is fairy new technology that already has number of followers all over the world. That is because it’s durable and there is no odours present when applying product onto the surface. Thanks to OMAS system there is no banding effect and fully controls media movements.

The maximum roller width: 1550mm

SUMMA D120R - Cutting Plotter

It is specially made knife for cutting flex foil. It supports our printing – by having a very precise method of cutting prints called OPOS positioning system.  We can cut out any shapes on earlier printed stickers. The plotter also has sensors that measure length and width.

The maximum cutting width: 1200mm

HOLZ HER Super Cut 1220 Vertical Saw

Vertical Saw HOLZHER for cutting wood and plastics allows us to very quickly and efficiently treating and preparing print materials such as acrylic, PVC, aluminum Dibond, MDF, wood, etc. All printable rigid materials we have in place.Maximum horizontal cutting field: 6000 mm

Maximum vertical cutting field: 3000 mm

decoSTUDIO - Graphic Design

Thanks to the highest quality computers for graphic processing ACER Predator we can prepare large format graphic designs in 1:1 scale.

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Opening hours
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RemaDays 2013 – The Prize for Innovative Technology

Océ Arizona 480 Gt wins a prize and gold of RemaDays 2013 for its innovative and high quality technology. February 2013.

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